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There are there are lots of scope available in online job industry. Everyday lots of people are joining online jobs and getting themselves started. This industry is quite lucrative and profitable. But do you know that most of the people do some basic mistakes? Those mistakes can result in the failure of their online career. Therefore here I am going to discuss about those newbie mistakes that you should avoid when you’re starting out.

When anyone is beginning their online career this is to have lack of knowledge. They are unable to get succeed on the same industry where others seems very successful. Just having a skill set that matches to your online job doesn’t mean that you will definitely get success in that.

Top 5 Newbie Mistakes

You should avoid all these newbie mistake and be aware of them. Let’s find out the common issues and how we can overcome from them.

The Top 5 Newbie Mistakes

These mistakes our most common ones according to me. Below you can see the top five common issues that people may face. All the successful professionals have gone them and they have learned these may hard-way. You don’t have suffer while in beginning your online career, just follow the instructions I have given and you will overcome within no time.

1 – Get Tempted By Seeing Other People’s Income

When anyone gets introduced with this online learning platform the very first thing the face is getting tempted by seeing other people’s income. There are so many professionals who shows their income and earnings screenshots. Some of the professionals revealed their online earning the common public.

When a newbie sees their income, firstly they got surprised and tempted with the amount of money the professionals are making. This is one of the biggest mistake that anyone can do.

Never ever impressed or attracted by seeing their income and revenue level. You don’t have any idea of the struggle behind their income. If a professional is earning money online and making a huge income that doesn’t mean everyone can do the same. Although there are no solid proof present so that we can ensure that they are telling you the truth.

2 – Not Identifying Personal Skills, Abilities and Weakness

To get success in online industry you should first identify your personal abilities and disabilities. I have seen most of the people get started just to earn money whether they are a skilled or not. This kind of approach will never lead you to a good and stable career. They just go and join any online job that looks lucrative to them.

Instead you should first identify that on which area you have a good command. For example someone can do typing work easily rather than creating a content themselves. While other can be able to find out spelling and grammar mistakes but unable to type fast. What if you give content writing job to a typist. You got the answer, he will not able to craft a good content. Hence this will lead to the unsuccessful result or low-paying work.

3 – Doing Many Things At The Same Time

Another big mistake I see all the time is beginners involve themselves in many online jobs simultaneously. When they are doing many things altogether the probability of getting successful is almost as close to zero. In the beginning of online career one should choose a single kind of work.

After some time when you get expertise over the particular type of work, you can proceed with another online job. This should be done only after when you feel that you are very much comfortable of doing kind of works simultaneously.

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4 – Not Keeping The Patience Long Enough

This is the new era of technology where the possibilities of online earning are enormous. This industry requires a lot of patience. Most people quit their work after a while. The reason is they are impatient. Everything needs some time and online earning is no different. On the part of your career you learn lot of things in and out. There is a whole learning curve that you should must go.

So how you can expect making money quickly. Simply it is not possible. I would recommend you all that never lose your patience. Your patience is your key to success.

5 – Blaming The Industry At The End

Last but not the least, most of the people who are unable to get success in online industry this simply blame the whole economy. As per my thinking they are wrong in some way or other. They are doing something wrong or making silly mistakes. And to put a reason over the situation there simply blame the industry.

If anyone even a single person is coming from the specific industry and you’re not able to see the success then there must be your fault. You need to figure out what is lacking in what’s going wrong. Better if you can analyze those successful people and compare yourself with them. You will definitely find some clue.


At the end, I can say you should analyze yourself and be aware of any mistake you are making. You can earn a good passive income when you do the things the right way. Just work on yourself if you feel you are not eligible in any sector. And keep on improving your skills. Also keep a positive mindset to success. Just remember the story of the turtle and the rabbit. Slowly and continuously keep moving and you will definitely see the success.

Still if you are facing any doubt or any issue you should take consultation from exports of your industry. The people who are successful are always humble, they will surely help you. I hope you get what I want to say. All the best for your future.

Thank you so much.


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