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If you are an shopkeeper or store owner then you must have a thought of selling your products online. This is the best ever platform in the history of mankind. It is not mandatory that you should have a product inventory already with you. Means if you are not a shopkeeper or store owner still you can start the online selling. It can be a great opportunity for manufacturers and wholesalers.

The most of all the people prefers buying the product from online e-commerce website. It saves their time and effort in compared to off-line shopping. Customers also get lot of discounts and offers on online purchase.Because the cost of the mediators have already been cut off.

How To Sell Your Products Online in India

Advantages of Selling Online

In India, the e-commerce industry is rising every day. Today people are busy in their jobs and business. They prefer to buy online rather than going to a local store. That’s why this industry is a golden place for people who are thinking of how to earn money online with genuine and best possible way. This can lead to many advantages for online sellers. The very first and biggest advantage is the sellers can sell throughout the country and beyond. There is no geographical limitations that a local store faces. By having the huge geographical area to sell products to potential of selling products in bulk are very much possible.

The benefits of this e-commerce industry are enormous. Just look at the main key points:

  • Easy to operate
  • Sell from anywhere
  • No geographical boundaries
  • Huge customer base
  • No physical setup needed
  • Overall lower cost

Where You Can Sell Products

Now comes the most crucial and important part of the topic. Which are the best platforms that allows you to sell your products. To answer this it is very simple, you must have heard the name of Flipkart, Amazon, Snapdeal, etc. These all are top and most trusted e-commerce giants of the industry.

These companies do provide an opportunity to sell your products through their website. All you have to do is make the seller account on their website. And provide all the basic details and documentation of your business. Then you will be able to list your product on them. After this you can see the sales coming in.

Register the seller account here:

Just follow the links and signup with them to get started.

Self-Hosted eCommerce Website

If you do not wish to register these given website as a seller. The another alternative is that you create a self hosted e-commerce website and list your product there. Today the cost of website development has gone down drastically, you can get your website at very affordable price where you will manage each and everything.

Example: Magento, Woocommerce

By having self hosted e-commerce website you can do whatever you want to do.Everything will be in your control, from listing of products promoting them and selling them. The advantage of having own e-commerce platform is that you can scale as much as you want. This will also enable you to be independent and do the work at your own style. Because you’re not affiliated or bonded with any policies or terms. By saying this it doesn’t mean anything wrong here. You should follow all the right ethics and work transparently.

Precautions To Follow

When entering into this online selling industry, there are a few things that you should be aware of. Always check the competition before starting any e-commerce business. By analyzing the competitors and the customers you will get to know whether it will be profitable or not.

Always check the market needs and the fulfillment done by other sellers. Also observed that the product you’re going to sell the seasonal product or not.

  1. Understand the industry first
  2. Focus on building customers trust
  3. Never copy any brand name
  4. Don’t publish costly products in beginning
  5. Always maintain quality standards

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To conclude we all have our understanding that e-commerce industry is a booming industry in India. This is the right time to start and make your space. In the coming future people will buy each and every tiny little thing on the Internet. So why should we leave this great opportunity. The many big brands are also offering sellers to sell the product on their websites. Moreover we can also create our own self hosted e-commerce website and take the journey independently. Just by understanding this basic information you are nowhere eligible unless you do your work. If you already have experience in selling them this work is for you.

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