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Good news for you! If you are searching for easy online work to make some money, then today I am going to show the best option for that. The online typing jobs are getting more and more popular every day. If you are good at typing on the computer then you can earn money online without investment by typing at home. Most of all, these jobs works without investment and registration fee. Whether you are an experienced or beginner, you should try this at least one. Companies are providing daily payments also. These works are completely free to join in India. There are huge opportunities available on the Internet for such kind of jobs.

Here we will discuss on how you can get these jobs without investing money.

Online Typing Jobs – A Comprehensive Guide To Earn Money by Typing

Online Typing Jobs
Online Typing Jobs

So we all know that these jobs are basically involves around typing on the computer. These are very similar to online data entry jobs and sometimes the work is also identical.But don’t get confused between the two kinds of jobs. Broadly they both are somewhat similar work.


What Are Typing Jobs on The Internet?

If you ask me that what is the online typing jobs? Then I will say that these are the online typing work which can be done from home (or any location). And you can get daily payment in your bank. In this job you get raw data that you will need to type in the provided program. That program usually is an online program. Means you will need to be online while this work is going on. So this the difference between the data entry and this work. The typing work can vary depending on the work itself.

Types of Typing Jobs Online

There are many sibling types of this work are present online. To name few: online data entry work, transcription work, digital form filling work, etc. Although these all are data conversion works. These can be done both online and offline as well.

  • CRM Data Entry (online)
  • Advertisement Typing Work (online)
  • Slogan Writing (offline)
  • Article Creation (offline)
  • Live Registration Data Feeding (online/offline)
  • And Many

Some jobs require to done online and they can’t be done offline. Again this is not an hard-rule. This totally depends on the type of work you are getting.

How Much Can You Earn Money Online by Typing Jobs?

Online Typing Jobs Without Investment & Registration Fee

The earning potential of this typing online jobs are quite good I can say. Well, it also depends on the performance you are dedication. On an average, a basic income can be Rs. 500 to Rs. 1500 per day. Yes, there is daily payment mode also present. The online typing jobs without investment & registration fee are the most growing industry online.

How To Start Online Typing Jobs Without Investment

Now let’s talk about the most interesting part. How can you start these jobs? Are there any requirements that are mandatory?

Pro Tip: Do some practice tests on the internet and improve your typing skills.


Well, as long as you can type data on the computer with minimum errors you are good to go. There is no requirement for fast typing speeds. But the faster you type the more money you will make. As simple as that. The companies will give enough time to perform the specific task given. And if you are able to type faster, you will be completing the work earlier. Thus resulting in more completed tasks per month. So you can earn more from home if you type faster, this is true.

I will also recommend you to keep the stenography error free. This will increase the chances of a successfully completed work. You should put more focus on correct and accurate typing than doing faster without accuracy. Although there will be spelling and grammar checking feature available. We all understand that these jobs require feeding text into some MS Word like software.

Process of Starting Online Typing Jobs Without Registration Fee

Here I am taking an example of typing work from home. I am showing the process of finding a reliable and genuine work online. This process can be used for many other online works as well.

Now when you have made your mind to start this online typing jobs without registration fee, then what you need to do?

The first step is you need to find the good opportunity online. For this, you can get registered on below given websites. There is free registration fee on all of these websites. Then develop your profile there. Mention your experience, skills, qualifications, etc. Also, showcase your portfolio if you have it. Otherwise its completely fine. Register and create a profile on these websites:


There are so many websites like these, but I recommend to do registration on 2-3 websites only in beginning. You can see the below video to learn the steps to register on these websites.

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These websites are providing a good platform for many users to work online. So even if you are not feeling confident for these jobs, still I will say go and join them. These are basic things happens to most of us. The companies are working on without investment and registration principle. They can provide daily payout as well.

Advantages & DisAdvantages of This Work

Before going and involving in any online typing jobs without investment, I want to share the advantages and disadvantages of this work. Yes, it’s an online work, which may not be suitable for some, but most of us will going to like it. The benefits are similar to the other online work.

Some Advantages:Earn Money by Typing Jobs From Home

  • Good Earning Potential
  • Without Any Investment
  • No Registration Fee
  • Free To Join
  • Work From Home
  • Get Daily Payment
  • Easy and Comfortable Job
  • Best Option For Typist

Now, look at the disadvantages of this online typing work. Some of this may not be applicable to you. And similarly, this is again common for many online jobs.

Some DisAdvantages:

  • No Office To Go
  • Computer & Internet Required
  • Typing Skills Required
  • Isolated Work

So now it’s your turn to decide. The benefits are much more than mentioned here. You can analyze these all points with your preference. That way you can find a better answer for you.


To sum up everything, I would recommend you to go and join these websites. Just create an awesome looking profile there. You are loosing nothing. The online typing jobs offered there are without investment and there is a free registration fee. You can take reference from other people’s profiles also.

Later, you can develop your typing skills and become more productive. Hence, beginners can also join these jobs and start their earning online. For typist, this is already the best option. You can work as per your convenience. Work part time or full time that is your preference.

At last, if you like this article then please share it with your friends on FaceBook and Google Plus. They may also find it useful. And if you have any suggestion or query, you can leave your comment below. Thanks.


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