Best Online Jobs in India Without Investment – (Get Work From Home Job)

Do you dream getting involved into online jobs in India from home? And do you have a desire to earn passive income without leaving the comfort of your house? If your answer is yes then you are on the perfect place. Here I will show you the latest and legit ways for best online jobs in India. You can choose any Internet job profession that you find suitable for yourself. On top of that these vacancies can be started without investment and they do not require registration fees also. As of now the online work from home jobs is one of the best career option to choose from.

Best Online Jobs in India
The 15 Best Online Jobs in India

All these online job works in India are popular and working and genuine. Read the given information carefully so that you can understand the working procedure of these Internet jobs. Although I have already discussed how to earn money online by best available opportunities (no Investment / registration fees) for you. You can even earn daily payment from some of these.

Best Online Jobs From Home in India

So here are the top and best online jobs from home that you can start doing today. Mind you, some job positions may be better than others. It’s totally up to you which one you prefer. I recommend you to research that particular online work from home before jumping in. Firstly explore the all the ins and outs of the work from home employment of your choice. So that you will become confident before starting any online jobs in India.

The most important point not to forget here is that all these are free online jobs without investment. Means that you will not required to spend any money to start. Some companies also offers similar jobs and asks you for registration fee or some security deposit. Just save yourself from them. You can get started free of cost on your own.

So now let’s see which are the best Internet jobs from home in India:

#1 – Start Data Entry Jobs Online

Data Entry Jobs OnlineYou must already heard about the ‘data entry’ term before somewhere in India. These are the data processing work that you can do. In this work you get a raw data that need to be processed in particular format. For example you may get the data in physical or scanned format and your work is to convert it into digital text format. This is just an example not always the work can be same. Sometimes you may got the work in text format and you need to structure it well as per provided instruction.

If you have good command over typing and English language then this occupation is for you. You can do it from your house without any investment. Lots of work is available on the Internet and you can get that easily. For more information see the dedicated online data entry jobs jobs page and have a clear idea of this work.

#2 – Start Form Filling Work at Home

Form Filling Work at HomeIts similar to the above one, but it requires less data processing. In this trade there are several forms available with an un-managed data, the fields of the forms need to be filled with respective entry. Although its name is explaining is work procedure itself, still let me tell you. These are the best suitable for those who can do 100% accurate typing work. Because this work doesn’t demands quantity it demands quality. The the online form filling jobs work are the jobs which requires the data with maximum possible quality.

This profession is completely free to join without investment and registration fees. in comparison of the other online jobs in India. As of now the trend of the form filling work is towards downwards. This may be due to the emerge of intelligent software and technologies which can do most of the work. But still no technology can beat an human work.

#3 – Do Typing Jobs Online in India

Typing Jobs Online in IndiaThese are the most common and most popular type of online jobs from home. You can get this work from online as well as offline also. But here we will discuss about the internet typing work. So the work can vary from simple to complex depending the nature of task. In beginning you can start with easier tasks and later on when you got your hands on it, hunt for more complex work. It is obvious to understand that the more complex work the more payout you will be getting.

So if you have a fair knowledge of typing with appropriate skills you can start doing this work at your home. The online typing jobs are one of the best way to make some good income from your house (while living with family). Look for freelancing sites to start this work without any deposit or sign-up amount.

#4 – Join Online Mobile Jobs Work

Online Mobile Jobs WorkNow the another famous online job in India is the mobile jobs. I have seen many sites stating that they have a vacancy for sms sending work. But I doubt them. I don’t see any reputed brand giving this job opening as of now. Still this doesn’t means that the all Internet jobs are same. The penetration of smart-phone and Internet is huge in India. So the opportunities of the work from home jobs are getting much popularity then ever before. The mobile phone are now having much functionality then 5-10 years back. On top of that, they are become more affordable each day.

Instead of going for sms job, I would recommend for other mobile based work. Today there are many companies which offers mobile online jobs that you can do via their app. You need to Install their application in your mobile and then there will be many work and tasks given to you in the app itself.

#5 – Do Copy Paste Online Jobs in India

Copy Paste Online Jobs from HomeThis is the somewhat different than online work from home jobs. Sometimes you will find the coping and pasting micro tasks online. That doesn’t mean it will be super simple work to perform. It can be better referred as copy then edit/correct and paste. Well this will depend on the available project and the nature of the job.

I personally not big fan of this type of work. As the availability is lower in comparison to other jobs from home. Secondly the work can be completely different in each given project. but still these works are another option to make income online. You can try your luck with them also. For more detailed information regarding this work you can read the complete article from below given link. Rest is your choice.

#6 – Join Paid Survey Online Jobs Without Investment

Paid Survey Online Jobs Without InvestmentAhh… the old school way to generate some bucks by doing online work from home. I m sure that you have heard about the online survey jobs in past. These are most ancient work from the beginning of Internet jobs era. In this trade a series of questionnaire assigned to the employee. Those question can be on any topic, generally they are taking your opinion on some situations.

Most companies require this survey in order to collect general public views on the particular topic. This will help them to improve their product/service. The brands does the survey time to time for making them more relevant and better to their customers. There are many legit companies offering survey online jobs without investment. You can join them and start making money right from your home. To know more about this work and where to get these jobs click here.

#7 – Start Online Teaching Work From Home

Start Online Teaching Work From HomeThis is the trending and growing industry as of now. The online teaching industry is spreading its foot in India. If you have some knowledge and skill set and you know how to train someone then this is for you. It’s not limited to school or college education type of things. You can teach many things like: music, cooking, yoga, dance, fitness, etc.

The work is mainly done via cloud-based video conference call. Where you can specify a time to your student and they can connect with you live. You can be a personal trainer to train a person individually. Also you can make a group of learners and train them by live broadcasting your lessons. The most exciting thing in online teaching jobs are that the distance is not a limitation anymore. It can be truly work from home job as you can give the session from anywhere to your learners from anywhere also.

#8 – Get In Content Writing Free Online Job

Content Writing Free Online JobThe most trusted and genuine way to get online jobs from home is content writing. Yes you read it right. For those who can write good quality content there are sea of best online jobs opportunities are available always. The need of good writer is never gets down since the Internet job industry was born.

This is the reason why so many writers are jumping in this industry for building their dream career. So if you think you can produce good content then wait no more. Just make yourself a sample of portfolio content for showcasing your work. Polish your skills and be prepared for the work before starting. This topic is much broader to fit in this little space.

#9 – Do Ad Posting Online Work from Home

Ad Posting Online Work from HomeThis job is similar to a combination of copy-pate and data entry work to some extent. But this work is specially posting advertisement as the provided instruction by the employer. These jobs involves publishing ads as per your assignment. It can be online jobs from home or offline job at office, that will depend the nature of the work required.

This profession basically doesn’t need much qualification or specific skills to perform. A simple person with basic knowledge of computer and Internet can join and start. Small to medium size business has most of these jobs due to easy availability of employees. The most of these vacancies are available in local area. Get more detailed information regarding this work: Ad Posting Jobs.

#10 – Start Captcha Online Jobs in India (Part Time)

Captcha Online Jobs in India (Part Time)Another work from home online job which you can do part time. In captcha typing jobs you can earn decent income by spending little time and efforts. Many online companies providing these captcha solving jobs. You should join trusted and genuine online job company in India to start this work. Better to go for daily earning if possible.

In this work you will receive unsolved captcha entries. You will solve these words in plain text in the given application. You will earn some points on solving these and later on you convert the earned points into money. The work is free from any investment or registration fee.

#11 – Start Blogging Online Work in India

Blogging Online Work in IndiaDo you know that you can do blogging from your home and earn handsome amount of income? The blogging is the booming career option in the whole online jobs in India field. In this work you write quality information on a subject and present it to the world. The topic can be of anything which you feel that you can deliver useful insights.

Everyone has some skills and knowledge for a particular field. It can be related to your profession or your interest. Just choose a topic and write extremely useful information that can help people. Basically you have to provide a solution for a specific problem. People will come to your blog and see the solution and make their life better.

#12 – Become A Online Freelancer & Earn From Home

Become A Online FreelancerThis one is another great option for online employment in India. You can become an online freelancer and provide your services to whole world. Indians are making a impressive mark in this freelancing industry. Several professionals are getting lots of online work there and they are doing the right online jobs from home. Keep in mind that this field does requires good skills and expertise. Its a best career choice for those who have well in-depth knowledge in any specific field.

The area of services and their categories are quite vast. You can take a look at any freelancing platform (,,, etc.). Explore the categories and sub-categories and you will get the idea. Nearly all the services are available that you can think of. Grab some project there and get started in your online earning journey. And if you say that you don’t have the expertise or skills yet; then go and develop some. Who is stopping you? At the end of the day, your talent will pay you in long run.

#13 – Launch An E-Commerce Website And Sell Online

Launch An E-Commerce WebsiteOnline selling is currently in India is rapidly growing. People are now shopping online more than ever. Because it provides them some amazing advantages like: easy to shop from convenience of home, saving of time, etc. You too can launch a online-shop and sell different products online. It’s an awesome opportunity for existing local shop owners.

You can collaborate with wholesale dealers for getting the products on better price. And showcase them on your E-commerce website. The hot selling things are: clothes, electronics, artificial jewelry, baby products, etc. Just do an intensive market research and then you can understand the best selling items for your store. Mind you this will require some money to invest before you can earn. So be careful about that before you begin.

#14 – Provide Micro Job Work on Fiverr

Micro Job Work on FiverrThis would be the fastest and easiest way to have an online job at home. is the huge platform for micro jobs providers and seekers. Thousands of options are available for getting work at your home. Indians are the majority when you see the service providers on fiverr. Moreover it is a free online job that works without investment or registration fee. You will pay a little commission only when you earn. That’s cool. You can make good income even without much qualifications.

First think which mini task you can do. For more ideas, just visit the website and see what people are offering there. I am sure that you can also provide some service and get orders. You should have a attractive profile with samples of your work. By providing quality service you can definitely get five start ratings and decent amount of earnings.

#15 – Earn From Facebook and Instagram

Earn From Facebook and InstagramHaving a network of followers is the next big thing. As we all aware that Facebook is the second biggest site in the world. People spend most of their time on this website. If you have a followers base for your Facebook or Instagram pages can make you good income. You can utilize your group for promoting literally anything.

And if you don’t have the followers or maybe you have not started yet. Don’t wait and start this. You can create any type of community and have people connect with your group. It can be entertainment, bollywood, tech, comedy, etc. Once you have the audience then the ball is in your court!

So friends you should got the idea for online jobs that you can do in India. When you decided to work from your home, I will suggest you to understand the its concept completely before stepping in.

Online Work From Home Jobs – Benefits

To start with, there are lots of benefits and advantages of doing online jobs from home. The first and biggest would be that you can do the work at your home. Since these are online professional jobs, you can do the work from any place that you like. As a online employee, you are not under any fixed timing or daily schedule for the work. Just do as per your convenience. If the work needs to deliver under a specific deadline, than you can complete the task anytime before the deadline.

Secondly, the potential of these work from home jobs are virtually endless in India. In fact the demand for the online work is increasing everyday. So there will be no lack of employment opportunities to earn decent income online.

Some Advantages:

  • No Initial Investment of Fees To Start
  • Best Online Job For College Students
  • Work At Your Home
  • Part Time Work Possible
  • Lots of Possibilities
  • Nice Earning Potential
  • Virtually No Limitation

Below you will see the features of this Internet work in more details. Don’t miss it and read them too, here you will know more features of the Internet job profession. Remember that some benefits may not be suitable for some people due to their preferences. For example someone who likes to go office or any other working place daily. For that kind of person the working from home would not be any advantage.

So I will suggest you to look for the each feature of these online job work and decide yourself that which you like most.

Start Without Investment and Registration Fee

Start Without Investment and Registration FeeThe biggest advantage is that most of these online work jobs are based on without investment and registration fees. This work can be started easily when you have some knowledge about it. And you can learn everything on the Internet for free.

So when you want to grab any online vacancy in India, just learn more about it and start hunting for the best options for you. And avoid the websites which asks for any funding before joining.

Just go and join them without any investment or registration fee. Create a mind blowing profile there and start receiving the online work. These website doesn’t ask for any security deposit or sign-up fee in beginning.

Online Jobs for Students from Home

Online Jobs for Students from Home
Get Online Jobs for Students from Home (In India)

The online jobs for students in India (without investment) can be another source for generating some side income. But the amount of income can vary as per invested efforts and time. At least you can get some extra bucks for your daily expenses. Students can spend their little time on this work instead of wasting their time in useless stuffs.

Most of the freshers are just doing pointless things in their free time. Its better to involve in the part time earning which will give them some fruitful results. By keeping engaged in the online jobs from home you will also get some experience and learn new things.

The collage students are more keen towards this online work in India. As they get pocket money for their little part-time work along with their studies.

Although, this work at home jobs are not just limited to students or housewives. Anyone who wish to start doing this work can do it.

At last, never incorporate yourself in any Internet job so much that it starts to hurt your study. Your main goal should be study first in any circumstances. So don’t compromise on that.

Receiving Online Work from Home Jobs in India

We have ever growing online working opportunities as as of now in India. The freelancing is now becoming most favorite option in India. I had to say that freelancing got the strong foundation in our country. The Internet penetration rate is always increasing and today most of us have access to online services at almost every moment.

The reason can be anything, but the result is jaw-dropping. Now in India we have huge sea of online vacancies to start working from home.

Receiving Online Work from Home Jobs in India

Becoming a online professional writer is the most common option in online industry today. If you can write well in English language than this would be the easiest option to kick-start your online career. So become freelance writer and start earning.

The scenario of online work from home jobs is not much similar to conventional offline jobs. In most of the case the job recruitment process is different. Means you will not need to apply for the job vacancies or interview. Rather you present yourself as a freelance worker. The employer comes to you and provide you the task based on your skills.

Potential of Online Job Work as a Career

Now comes the most interesting par of this whole thing. The potential and future of this online jobs work from home industry.

As we all know that everything is becoming digital and we are at the era of Internet revolution. the future possibilities of this online work in India is way more than we can imagine. The career stability can look bit weak in this industry because of the continues changing and updating technology. But those who can update themselves with changing world can expect a marvelous career in this online jobs field.

Get Daily Payment at Home

Yeah you read right. You can get daily payment too. While it will depend on the type of work you are doing. For getting daily/weekly payment you should schedule your work accordingly.

Suppose if you are working in online occupation as a writer, than you should take daily assignment to able to receive daily payouts.

Its easy you can manage your online job work as small portions and deliver them daily to make you earn everyday payouts.

Expand To Full-Fledged Business

For those who want to explore the limits of this online jobs field. They can develop a full-fledged online business around it. You can take bulk orders from freelancing platforms there is no limit on this. There are many online business ideas that you can consider before starting and scaling the work. You can build a dedicated team of workers who are your employees. They can work for your orders to get them complete and delivered.

Scaling online jobs from home to a full-fledged business is the best option as per my opinion. But you should always start first doing the work on your own. Then later on you can expand the work.


Best Online JobsFinally you make it till the end. To conclude, I can say that the online jobs in India are the most booming industry. Anyone can start the work from home jobs and expect good income provided that you have skills. These Internet occupation can be started without investment. Also the registration fee is not mandatory. So you should have the skill-set, a computer (work equipment) and nothing more required. After all these are free to start Internet jobs.

Whether you are a college student or housewife or a professional; you can start this online jobs from home any time. Just explore the varieties of available work online and choose your best. Then start putting your efforts and you will get the success.

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