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The impact of TikTok is huge in India and the day is not far when it will become next sensation after YouTube. Have you ever thought how to earn money from Tik Tok in India? Do you want to know how you can make money on Tiktok (without investment)? If the answer is yes, then this article is for you. Today I am going to explain you several ways by which you can get paid from this video sharing application.

How To Earn Money from Tik Tok in India

Can You Earn Money From TikTok?

The answer is Yes, for sure. This is the right time to get started on Tik tok to earn big bucks and get famous.

According to me this industry will break all the records and establish new limits in future. Despite of how huge the fan following is, it still on the beginning stage. The Tik-Tok is on the way of becoming one of the biggest platform to make money online in India without any investment. Since it is on the evolution phase, you enter this industry without much hassel. You have this amazing opportunity to showcase your talent and skills in front of millions of people.

So if are one of those who is still thinking to become tiktoker. Then don’t waste any more time and get started as soon as possible. And if you are already making videos on TikTok, then buckle up yourself to get paid. It’s time to monetize.

How To Earn Money From Tik Tok – (Top 7 Ways)

Earning money from this Tik-tok application is definitely possible, in fact there are many ways to you can get paid. Knowing them is much important so that you can choose your preferred way. Although  There many more money earning apps in India that can be used to start some passive income. But here I am focusing on Tiktok app to generate income without any investment. So without further ado let’s start.

1. Become Influencer & Get Brand Deals

Do you know that if you have your own followers base then you are not a normal person anymore. You have became influencer. And there is relatively big industry is there which is called influencer marketing. It’s similar to that what you have seen with the celebrities. They showcase their face value to promote products of different brands. Similarly you too can now do it.

There are many companies who are actively searching for influencers. You can approach them and propose your offer. It is always a good idea to show your contact information on your profile. So that the brands can directly connect with you. You can also make your fan page on Facebook/Instagram for more better impression.

2. Get Gifts and win Contests

The Tik Tok organizes many contests and events time to time. There they give gifts and valuable prizes to the popular creators. You can take part in such contests and get many products from them. Yes these are not money but it has it’s own value which can’t be compared with the cash.

The gifts and prizes won by you is undeniable proof of your talent and capabilities. You should definitely make video which shows your achievements. Hence these things will raise your monetary value for sure.

3. Provide Services on TikTok

Do you know that Tik Tok (formerly is not just lip syncing and video share platform. There many more categories which have educational content too. Now you may have query that how to earn money from tik tok using educational videos.

Let me explain it in a better way. You maybe aware of the official launch of Edutok hashtag. Under this hashtag people make educational video content. And it is super hit already. So getting payments via providing knowledge can do done easily. Now you may got my point here.

This is just a beginning, in near future we will see much more than this. If you have any skill and you know that your good at it. Then you can provide your paid services to the needy people. This is another way of getting freelancing work than the traditional methods. Do give it a try.

4. Sell Your Merchandise

Your fans are your asset. They follow you because they like your content. You have done something great, therefore you have created your follower base. When you grow bigger and your subscribers are in healthy numbers, then it’s time to sell your merchandise.

In simple words the merchandise means selling clothing and fashion accessories with your brand name. Those who love your videos will certainly going to like your branded items.

You can start with just T-shirts, tops, kurties, etc. with your brand name or tagline. Later on it can be expanded into full-fledged business. And if you want to do it effortlessly then Meesho app will definitely going to help you a lot.

You can use online reselling apps to sell products without having to keep any inventory. Means you start your eCommerce business in India without any investment.

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5. Do Affiliate Marketing

This one is mine favorite way to earn money from tik tok. It offers such advantages which are simply incredible. In affiliate marketing you sell other people’s products and get commission on each sale. You can earn decent income even if you don’t have much followers. The best affiliate program for get started with is Amazon and Flipkart.

Sign up with them as an affiliate (which is easy process) and then get started. The Amazon is well known and trusted platform. So people will not hesitate to shop from it. Promoting products of Amazon is already a huge business model throughout the globe. It is famous and know as Amazon online jobs in India. In addition to this you can also join many more affiliate programs for scaling your income further.

6. Monetize Your Tik Tok Videos

This feature is coming soon in near future. Soon Tik Tok will present you the monetizing facilities for the videos you have uploaded. They are developing such technologies in background. You will be able to monetize your content within you dashboard.

When this feature will release, many tiktokers will get benefited almost instantly. So if you have not created your profile yet, then don’t wait anymore. After this feature launch the competition will increase. Therefore do it as soon as possible.

7. Do Cross Promotion

Do you know that you can multiply your followers count in just a snap? Yup it is true. You can do collaboration with tiktokers who have similar number of followers as yours. This often done for free as both creators do cross promotion on each other’s channel.

But if you are big and have good number of subscribers then you can do it as paid activity. You can charge for promotion and shout-out which can benefit other creator. People who don’t have much patience can get their channel featured in your videos to get instant boost. And you can ask payment in exchange of the promotion.

It can be done for Youtube channel, Instagram Profile, Facebook page or blog/website. Always keep in mind how you can maintain quality of content and good user experience.


Now I hope you have understood how to earn money from Tik tok in India. Go and try to implement any method yourself. I will update here if there is any new way come for getting paid via Tiktok app. In the meantime you can utilize these ways and let me know how is the response.

I always strive to improve the quality I give to my readers. So if you want to give some suggestion or advice the you are most welcome. Cheers.

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