How To Become Content Writer in India and Earn Passive Income

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Do you know that becoming content writer in India is one of the most preferred option by beginners? Yes anyone who can be read and write English language are quite eligible to become content writer. If you think that you can also write some articles then my friend you are already eligible to make money online.

The demand of content writers was never less in past nor it will be in future. If you are a college student or a housewife you can earn decent passive income.

How To Become Content Writer in India

What is Content Writing?

You can simply say it’s a article writing kind of thing. Where you will be given some topics to write about. In this industry, there are lots of writing projects available all the time. The projects can vary from creative writing, blog post, letter writing, book writing, news and so on.

The content writing jobs for all the available on the freelancing platforms. Even you can find the content writing work in some of Facebook groups.

Advantages of Content Writing Jobs

If you want me to count the advantages of content writing work then I would say it’s huge. First of all they are simple and easy to get. If you are comfortable then you can write lots of content in a day and earn a handsome income. In beginning you can also start with data entry online jobs for easier start. It’s a never-ending work so you will never face lack of projects in your career. To list out a few of the advantages are:

  • Huge earning potential
  • Enormous work available
  • Easy to perform
  • You can work part time
  • Just basic English language
  • Genuine and decent work

Requirements To Start

The criteria to become a good content writer is simple. You just need to know reading writing an understanding of the English language. The spelling and grammar mistakes should not be there. Although you can use software which can correct these things for you. There is no such educational qualification is required.

Also the English language is not mandatory. If the project demands writing of content in other language that you are comfortable than it will work just fine.

Where To Get Work and Projects

This is the most common and frequently asked the question that where do you get the work from. And the answer is super simple, there are lots of microjobs and freelancing platforms online which offered these kind of services. Just go and register yourself and make a good profile there. After some time you will see that projects are directly coming in and you can apply for that. In beginning it would be difficult to get some projects on the freelancing website. But after a while, you win the projects easily.

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How Much You Can Earn?

Now you may be thinking that how much you can on my content writing jobs. Let me explain it to you, you can do a simple man and calculate it yourself. There is no lack of projects in the field of content writing. To estimate how much a person can earn let’s take an example. Although the cost will also depends on the type of content. The highest paid one are selling products online articles. Suppose you’re writing a blog post which will generally pays around Rs. 200 per article. This kind of article we do not take more than 30 minutes to 1 hour. Now if you do this work part-time for three hours daily, that means you can complete five projects per day on an average.

1 Article = Rs. 200
5 Articles = Rs. 1000 per day

Now 5 Articles x 30 days is 150 Articles in a month

Means Rs. 30,000 Monthly.

Don’t take this calculation seriously as it is just an assumption. It can vary according to your skills and efforts.


So as you can see the content writing work is one of the most lucrative and easy work that you can start online. You just need to find the desired work on the freelancing platforms. Just make your profile and start getting the projects. You can earn a decent amount by doing this work part-time. This work is more suitable for college students housewife and retired persons. However you can expand and make it a full time business also.

I hope that you got the idea what I am trying to convey here. If you feel that you are a content writer from inside, go and start your career. There is a very good scope.

All the best.


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