Earn Money Online in India Without Investment – How To Make Money from Home (100% Free)

Do you want be millionaire by doing online productive work? Thinking of making REAL hard cash from Internet? Then my friend look here for the right guidance. Here you will find all the working and genuine ways to earn money online In India without investment. First of all there are literally endless ways to make money online without investment, and here we are exploring the most effective and efficient ways. Some options may work good and some my not. Thus it can make BIG change in your life. Are you ready and want to learn more? Let’s start understanding them. Here we will provide a brief introduction for each method for how to online earn money (without investment).

There are nearly 15 ways that we have covered for making online income. Just read about each one and choose your favorite. Learn several ways to make online income without paying anything.

I mind you first that its a serious business on the web. Here you see the best ways for how to make online money FAST (from home). All these are legitimate ways to earn without investment. You can get paid by doing several works on Internet in free time.

You can also make online earnings by mobile apps too. Look for the best application one listed here. I have mentioned only the genuine and legitimate resources to earn money by online from home. Mostly are Free to start and doesn’t require any funding.

You may already know that there are numerous ways to earn online money. You can earn by blogging, playing games, watching videos, from home, by website/youtube/facebook/etc. Moreover we also guide the full step by step process for how to make money online in India. We can take you on complete walk-through for the better understanding of the earning online process. We can do that because we are well versed in online industry and furthermore we have more than 15 years of experience in this industry. So that can be your best benefit you get from us.

Earn money online in India
By spending so many time in this industry we came to know that there are so many Indians that are educated and knows computer and Internet, and still they are facing issue for finance in their daily life. People are going for less paying online earning options or doing work that does not gives them enough income. So now you can know how to earn money online from home and start your Internet career today.

We decided to spread our knowledge to all of our Indian fellows. So that every Indian will know How To Earn Money Without Investment. In order to make our India a better place where unemployment and low earnings will become the past. Most of all, this guidance provided by us is completely free of cost. So that everyone can take advantage of it. This is our little contribution to the society.

The one of the biggest query of most of the people is that earning online income without spending much is even really achievable or not. So here we will understand how to earn money online by legitimate and trusted ways.

Is Making Money Online Without Investment Possible? Let’s Put Some Light On This

As a matter of fact, Yes it is possible. People are making lots of money from Internet in reality from a long time. If someone says not then the chances are that he/she does not know the truth. Many different ways are available to earn online income. Whereas lots of scam companies are also there, that are not paying any money to its users. With this in mind there is a negativity comes about online money earning. Just avoid those companies and use your common sense.

Is making money online in India possible? Yes or No.

Is making money online in India possible? Yes or No.

In reality earning online money without investment is true and it is easy also. But remember that you can not earn money by online while doing stupid things. Instead you have to do some work to make online income. There are lots of work available on Internet always. Like any other giant industry this industry has something for everyone. For example: Freelancing, E-Commerce, Selling photos, Doing Blogging, etc. So one can get a decent income by doing the basic online works from home. What ever you can do offline can be done online also.

Now you should got the idea that online income is quite possible. In fact, the Internet is one of the biggest platform and a largest industry in the world. This is like sea or opportunities and growth. And the potential is increasing at blazing speed each day.

By having so much options and ways to get online income, it is obvious and easy to get confused. Most of the people faces this situation while beginning their online career. But no worries, we have sorted the best and proper methods to earn online (with little or no investment). All the ways are genuine and working with good earning potential as per our knowledge.

15 Ways For How To Earn Money Online in India Without Investment

How To Make Money Online (15 Ways)

Learn: How To Make Money Online (15 Ways)

These ways are the best known to earn money online from home in India. All the procedure guided here are the latest at the moment and most of are without any investment. Here we are giving overview for each earning methods that we think are good. If you want to know the complete information, just follow its given link. You can read complete guide on that particular process too (if available). Here you will see the proper and genuine methods that actually works.

You can choose the type of work as per your skills and choice. Read and understand the procedure of each method of making online income. When you get a fair idea about the working process then choose one for yourself.

#1. Earn Money Online in India From Mobile without Investment

Earn Money Online From Mobile Without InvestmentYes earning mobile recharge is the most trending way to earn. Now as the mobile phones are getting smarter and cheaper everyday, affording a smartphone is getting easier than ever. You may have a android smartphone already with you. We spend time playing games, chatting with friends over WhatsApp or Facebook, etc. This is fine when done for limited time. Spending whole day on these thing is not good for anything.

 Now Start Earning From Mobile – 100% Free Joining 

100% Legitimate & Free

Why not to spend couple of hours a day and make some rupees from mobile without investment. Yes this is better idea. so many companies are giving micro tasks to complete on android smartphone. Just do the work on your mobile phone to earn good money. Note: we are not talking about SMS sending jobs, lots of works is available online that can done from mobile. Smartphones now are much more efficient as a full fledged computer.

#2. How To Make Money Online In India by Typing Jobs

How To Make Money Online In IndiaAnother good option, now you can earn from online typing jobs in India. Companies can hire you on project basis or time basis. You can take the typing work from online websites. After completing the work just submit it according to their instructions. This work can be done by anybody who can type. Slow typing speed is not any issue, but the faster you can type the better. You can improve your typing speed by the software we provide. Just spend some hours a day on that software to see good improvement in typing speed.

#3. Data Entry Jobs – Another Good Online Money Earning Option

Data Entry Jobs - Another Good Online Money Earning OptionThe online data entry jobs comes in both way online and offline. This is the oldest and another best way for how to earn money without investment from home in India. In this work you will get some data entry work that need to be done. There data can be of different format. There may be some kind of forms that need to fill-up or a book to type, etc. This work is easy and takes few hours a day (depended on the work). The work supply is endless for this data entry work. Just make sure you join legitimate and reputed company for this work. Don’t join any local or unknown website/company because you don’t know its authenticity. Well known freelancing websites are the best place to start. It may be a little hard to get projects in beginning but eventually you will get some work.

#4. How To Online Earn Money by Micro Jobs From Home

How To Online Earn Money by Micro Jobs From HomeThe online micro jobs industry is getting BIG due to the emerging technology. Earning from online micro jobs need some skill set. The skills can be anything like: writing, teaching, helping, translations, programming, or any technical skills. By having some skills you can get successful in short time without making common mistakes. This work is related to freelancing but its shorter version of it. Means you will do only one single work that requires only few hours/minutes. Take an example of logo designing, in this the designer will complete the work in few time and deliver the work. So you should find your skills and capabilities to start doing this work. You can start at fiverr.com in beginning.

#5. How To Earn Money without Investment by Blogging

How To Earn Money Without Investment by BloggingThe best way to earn money by blogging is my personal favorite. If you like to write articles then blogging is for you. You can write informative articles on anything you like. Then publish and promote your content online. You can promote products and services on your blog. People visit your posts to read the article and get information. If someone finds your product or service useful then he/she may buy it. This is one of the best and very popular way for how to earn money without investment online in India. When doing blogging you should provide best possible information that you can.

This is the key to success in this field. So always choose a topic which interests you. Then keep on delivering quality information to the world.

#6. Design Websites To Make Money Online Without Investment

Design Websites To Make Money Online Without InvestmentToday building website is super easy. You can build great website easily with website builder software effectively and easily. It is easier than you think. If you don’t know, then you can learn website designing. After that you can build websites for clients to make good money. This work is always in demand and it will be in future also. You can get clients from your local area. Also you can get work from online freelancing websites easily. This work can be done online and offline both. Just master the work and there will not any lack of projects in your hand.

#7. Start Affiliate Marketing To Make Money Online From Home

Start Affiliate Marketing To Make Money Online From HomeAffiliate marketing means selling products of others. You can become an affiliate professional of many online companies (Flipkart, Amazon, Snapdeal, etc) in India. You need to promote the products of these companies. When a sale is generated by you, the company will pay the commission as your earning. It is one the best earning model as per our knowledge. The earning potential is huge in this industry. Moreover it can be done in India and worldwide. The affiliate marketing is big and also growing in India.

#8. Do Freelancing To Earn Money Online in India (From Internet)

Do Freelancing To Earn Money Online in IndiaThis is very popular work for earning online. So many Indians are doing this work full-time. In this there are many projects available on freelancing websites in almost every categories. You can get the work as per your capabilities. This industry is solely depended on Internet, see more info for online freelancing. There are huge and endless options, for example: logo design, typing, proof reading, virtual assistant, etc. The work/jobs are always available for every work that you can think of. There is nothing to loose there. Just invest your time in creating excellent portfolio on freelancing websites and start receiving work.

#9. How To Earn Money From YouTube Views by Uploading Videos (without investment)

How To Earn Online Money From YouTubeThis is another great option for how to earn money online without paying anything to consider. As the technology is growing the access of high speed internet becoming easy. The YouTube is world biggest video sites. You can record videos and upload it to YouTube, then if you are eligible YouTube will provide you monetization options on your videos. This way you can make money online in India. People are earning very good amount from their video views on YouTube.

You can record video about anything you want (gadget-review, tips-tricks, pranks, singing, cooking, stitching, make-up, technical, education, etc). But we recommend that you should provide quality and informative content in videos.

#10. Generate Bucks Online from Buying & Selling Domains

Generate Cash from Buying & Selling DomainsAnother good option to generate some good income online. You can buy good domain names online and later on sell them at higher price. There are many domain name trading websites available where you can get buyers. You can buy domain name as low as Rs.99 and can sell it at much higher price. The market is huge for this business. Just need to find great names and sell it later online. People are selling good domain name for big number of amount also. Make sure you don’t buy any brand’s name in domain. You can not include trademark names in the domain name. Just be aware about pros and cons before starting this work. One more thing this work will need some investment to start (for buying domains).

#11. Sell Products and Earn Money Online in India

Sell Products Online and Make Money in IndiaYou can open a e-shop to sell products online. If you have products to sell then you can become a online seller on any major e-Commerce website in India. After thins you should promote your online shop on the Internet. Then you will start getting orders. You can also make your own e-Commerce website and showcase your products. The e-Commerce industry is booming in India. This can be a great way to earn money online in India without investment. Now is the right time to start e-commerce website to sell goods and services. You can choose Wocommerce or Shopify platform to start.

See: How To Sell Your Products Online in India and Start eCommerce Business

#12. Give Tuition Online To Earn Income at Home

Start Online TuitionYes you can give online tuition and make income online from your home. There are many students who want good learning from a good trainer. So if you can teach students for any subject you can start providing online tuition. The medium of teaching would be a computer with webcam and Internet. You can find tuition jobs on the Internet as well. But don’t join any random company. First check its background and know more about them. You can also start teaching with Skype or Google Hangout directly. This can be life-changing option for teachers who are already providing tuition.

#13. Sell Photos For Earning Money Online (Without Investment)

Sell Photos Online To Earn MoneyIf you love photography then this work is for you. You know that you can sell your digital pictures on the Internet? If you can shoot decent photos and we are not talking about any professional ones, you can sell them. Many companies requires pictures for their work and they always buy them. Normally the pictures are costly on images selling websites. Some new companies don’t have enough budget to buy those expensive pictures. They are looking for cheaper photos will lower quality. Just search the Internet and you will find many people are looking to buy pictures online.

#14. Start Online Share Trading To Make Money Fast in India

Start Online Share Trading To Make Money FastYou can start online share trading to make money in short time. But this work is not for everyone. Share trading work only those people can do who know its ins and outs. Means People who have experience in this field can do this work. In this, you will buy shares of some companies which you think beneficial. After some time when you see there in increase in the value of share you sell them for good profits. Mind you its not always beneficial, sometime people sells the share in loss also. So this work is very dynamic and recommend to the professionals who are confident that they can do it.

#15. Know How To Earn Money Online From Website

How To Earn Money From WebsiteIt’s one of the best way to make money online. There are many services and works that you can do from your own website. Some website example are: travel information, health guidance, best deals/offers, selling products online and so many. These are some example of the website that you can build. Now you can earn money from website without much investment.

Creating a website is super easy today. You can use CMS to create your website in few time. Just buy a good domain + hosting and start building your website. You should make website on the topic which you can give information. You can also create a website on your name and tell all the information about you (It’s called portfolio website). Its a best option according to us so far. You will require to spend some money on buying a domain name and web hosting. So its not totally free (but its low cost). And if you are successful you can earn much more than that.

[Bonus] More Options To Online Earning Money Without Investment:

There are lots more options to earn money online without investment in India as of 2017 & 2018 trends. Most of the ways works without any funding. Moreover these works can operated from home in India. Meanwhile some jobs are getting popular see below:

  • Earn From Captcha Entry WorkEarn Money Online Without Investment
  • Copy Paste Jobs Online
  • Give Training to Online Earn Money in India
  • Sell Old Products Online Easily
  • Earn Money by GPT Sites
  • Earn Money Online Without Investment By PTC sites
  • Do Transcription Work Online
  • Write Reviews to Make Online Income
  • Start Virtual Assistant Service Online
  • Do Ad-Posting Jobs Online

Some more ways to online earn money are present on Internet. While many websites is providing good knowledge for working ways for how to make money on Internet. But some jobs are not recommended by us, to name (SMS Sending Work). But there are many options like: Online Form Filling Jobs is the famous job option. Survey Jobs and data Jobs are another option. There are many good options available.

Who can start online earn money by our guidance?

Anyone, who has a desire to get online income from home. Just basic computer/internet skills and time is required.

  • House-wife who have basic education can start online money earning.
  • Unemployed / Job-Seekers person can leave their worry and make their presence online
  • Students who wish to help their parents for finance funding in their studies.
  • Business men who want to make another source of income for extra support
  • Retired persons who want to best utilize their free time to online earn money

How To Earn Money Online In India – Follow Complete Procedure

How To Earn Money Online In India

So now if you are reading this means you want to know the proper way for how to earn money online in India without investment. Just get serious about this and take it as the precious work of your life. People are staring online money earning work by joining some bogus companies. After some time they realize that they have wasted their time and money. Please save yourself, starting to make money from Internet requires proper training.

Earn Money by Online From Home

Currently in today’s world, we have never ending ways to make money in India. Wether its online or offline it doesn’t matter. But if you want to earn money by online then I will say its wiser choice. If you talk about my opinion, I personally love the online money earning from home. As it is so much efficient way then any other according to me. Just select any one option from the given ways (above) which you like the most.

I am trying on new things also, so I will list those options in this list too. Keep an eye n this page for more future updates.

How To Earn Money From Internet at Home

In order to make money online from home, the simple basic setup is required. You should have a computer or laptop with good Internet connection. Obviously your skills and knowledge plays a key role here. For people thinking how to earn money from Internet at the comfort of their home, this information going to help all. Producing completely passive money is also possible from the Internet. Blogging and mining is such industries that can benefits you for the same.

Make Your Mind & Set Targets

Just make a promise to yourself that you will give your full efforts. Yes making mind is the biggest thing that you should do first. Tell yourself that now you are going to make earning online for sure. Also set some target a specific amount that you will earn every month. The target set by you should be realistic, don’t start dreaming too big in starting.

For the purpose of earning online you need be prepared mentally first. Without this you can not do the online paid jobs effectively. There are lots of pitfalls and problems that you will face. But instead you can learn form every failure and become better marketer. And when you got experienced you can easily avoid those mistakes. Then you can start working like an experienced online professional.

Follow The Steps To Earn Money Online in India:

Just follow the 3-step process given below to start online money earning in India from home. This will be the best steps of your life you are going to realize in future. If you are serious about starting online income then you should do these steps.

Analyze and Select A Best Way For Making Money Online (in India)

Before choosing any way of earning online money in India you should analyze its worth. What is the use of doing a online work when the market is trending down (or not profitable)? So you must understand the earning potential before jumping-in any industry.

We can’t assure you how much you will earn. But to give an idea of earning you can see the options above. Some people are earning few rupees, while some are earning thousands per month or more.

Learn Several Ways To Make Online Income (Without Paying Anything)

Learn Ways To Make Money From The TrainingThe most common mistake people do is they just start working without knowing properly. You should develop deep understanding of the area which you are going to work. For example: if you can write articles on your own then then you should enhance your skills as much as you can. You can see other people’s work and compare it with yourself. Then you can see the area where you are lacking. We have listed some of the best way for online income in India. You should explore each and every option and choose a perfect one for yourself.

Moreover, you can get all the information you need free of cost. So start the learning process without paying anything to anyone. Even you can learn lot of things on this website also. And keep your focus on learning more than earning. Keep this thing in mind and you will get successful.

Start Doing The Online Earning Work (as guided)

Start Doing The Online Earning WorkWhen you have enough knowledge about the subject then you should start implementing things. Take action and start earn money online in India. Don’t just stuck at learning phase, over learning can also be a reason to failure. Although the learning will not stop here. In-fact you will get more experience by doing the work practically. So always be keen towards doing work and improving yourself. But not any action is the worst thing. So start doing the work after when you get confident. This will make you keep going.

The only way to success is applying all the concepts of the particular way thoroughly. You should invest all your efforts to make you complete internet professional.

How Much You Can Earn Online Money?

After getting some experience you can earn somewhere 3-figures to 4-figures (dollars) per month (according to a rough estimate while considering you have invested your efforts truly) that we hope.

How Much You Can Earn Online Money?

Some people are earning from ~20,000 rupees per month, while some are earning to whopping ~5,00,000 per month or more. How much you can earn will totally depends on yourself. The concept is simple, the more you put your effort the more you will earn. At the present time Internet is the biggest platform to earn money online in India. Hence, the earning possibilities from Internet is endless. For this reason Internet is like an ocean of opportunities and we can take our part from it.

Correct Way To Earn Money Online in India Without Investment

Correct Way To Earn Money Online in IndiaSince we have already mentioned that there are lots of ways for how to earn money without investment in India. Some are good and some are not. Keeping your focus on one work and doing it continuously is the correct way online success. Lots of people fails to make income from internet because distractions (and lack of guidance). That’s why we have created the website. This website is especially relevant and designed for our Indian friends who want to start their online income.
Here we try to guide you across each and every step to start your online income. On the positive side the everything is in easy-to-understand format for better understanding of the process.

Benefits Of This Online Industry and Career

You can apply this process again and again. Whenever you you want to enter into new opportunity, just rinse and repeat the work. Mind you the online world is very dynamic, and if you want to be in that you should be also dynamic. Means this online industry changes after few time. Some work that is going good today doesn’t means that it will be good always. You should have the capabilities to learn and implement new things. So when you see there is not much potential remaining in a particular option, leave it. And start learning new things same way you did earlier. This is the key to success in online industry.Benefits of This Online Industry

  • Anyone with Little Education Can Do It
  • Earning Online Without Any Investment
  • Way Lots of Opportunities
  • You Can Work From Your Home
  • Several Options To Start The Work
  • People are Supportive and Helpful Here
  • Mostly No Limits on The Earnings
  • and Lots More

 Earn Money From Your Android Phone 

(100% Free & Genuine)

How Can I Earn Money Online Free and Fast?

If you are thinking how do I make money online in short period of time then you have to do some particular work. But first thing to remember is nothing can be done in shot period of time. We can accelerate thing and our works as much as we can. Still there are many factors that we don’t have control over them.

Once I was also having similar thoughts like how can I earn money online free and fast. In the beginning of my Internet career. After the time passed and I was doing thing everyday, I realised that it takes its own time.

Yes there are many free and quick way to get money fast at home. You just need to have experience for those. By this I means you can definitely make money fast and without any cost. But the worthiness is not sure. The time changes too fast and frequently, so a fast money making method is good today will not remain good tomorrow.

Still you want to earn money fast from home? You can invest money on digital money and some coins. But the risk level is high. Therefore it provides a solution to how can I earn money online fast? I hope you got the point here.

Conclusion and Final Words

At last, the decision of online money earning is the best career choice of yours. Making income from Internet is possible and it caries huge potential. And the technology is now making all of us enough capable so that we can work online independently. This online earn money work has some of the awesome benefits. You can work from home or anywhere you like. And you get the freedom of working style of your choice. You can work as per your preference. The work should be finally done within the period of specified time, rest is onto you how fast or slow you do the work.

There is no BOSS who can lead you. Under those circumstances you are your own BOSS. Just complete the work as you like, no one is going to tell you ‘Do This’ or ‘Do That’ kind of words. You know your strengths and capacity, therefore always pick the work accordingly.

To sum up the ways to earn money online in India without investment can be countless. You should choose the best suitable and working procedure. Therefore we have guided best and easiest earning ways as per our knowledge. Just start learning and learn everything related to your work. Hence, you can avoid the common mistakes that happens for all newbies.

In conclusion, some of ways to make money online in India are working best as of now. To name few: Earn money from mobile applications , Micro Jobs, Freelancing, E-Commerce, YouTube, blogging, own website, etc are the few names for knowing how to earn money online from home. Thanks for your valuable time.

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    Make Money Online Via Blogging/Web Blog:

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    • Nirmala says

      Michel, thanks for the awesome message. No doubt blogging is the best way for online earn money. Since a long time it is the most trusted and genuine method. The income of pro-bloggers is more than thousands of dollars. Newcomers are also doing good and able to generate decent amount.

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      Hi Kriti Mehra,
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      Hi jeevithasathish, First of all we are not job provider and we guide people for online earning purpose. You have to make your way in this world. Hope you understand.

  23. Prakash says

    hi.. I am Prakash .. a software engineer. I am interested in blogging. And i want some more information about any other links which are trustable. can you suggest me any link?

  24. prasanta misra says

    i am a retired private sector executive with IIT &IIM study back ground.I want a blogging,technical managerial consultancy cum writing job.Can you help?

    • Nirmala says

      Hello Prasanta Misra,
      Its incredible that you have this much education. Yes you can get involved into proper online earning industry. For writing job, you can find good projects at many freelancing projects. Also there are many Facebook groups which offers these opportunities. Hope it will help.

  25. Ajay says

    hello mam,
    I want to earn some extra money apart from my existing income . I will be in need of those in the near future which my current job doesn’t suffice .
    I am a mechanical engineer having 12 years of experience . can you help me regarding the same .

    • Nirmala says

      Hello Ajay,
      First of all thanks for reaching us.
      You have to figure out that what you can do online. Check yourself that what you are good doing at. After this just make your mind and give your best efforts. You will see success then. Hope it helps.

  26. Namisha says

    Hiii,i am namisha..i am a student and i want to help my parents by funding some money in my education.i am very good in painting,so please advise me,what should i do?

    • Nirmala says

      Hi Namisha, what you can feel you will able to perform better is the answer for you. Always choose the work according to your strengths and interest. I hope you got the idea now. Thanks.

  27. Ashish Punetha says

    Many thanks to you who is behind this article. Really good article as well as your writing skills are perfect. I am also trying to write something about blogging, earn money etc. but every time I am fail due to lack to good knowledge but after reading this article. I am sure I started a blog.


    • Nirmala says

      Hi Debojit Majumdar,
      Those words means a lot to me. I am glad that someone got good result with my guidance. I hope that I will help more people this way. Thank you so much.

  28. vb says

    I learned some for the online strategy by viewing this site good one.
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    I’m expecting more form your site.

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